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3 ways that people can qualify for green cards

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2024 | Immigration & Naturalization |

There are many different immigration opportunities in the United States of America. Many people want to secure visas. Their main goal is legally entering the country for employment or education. Others want to stay in the United States forever. The two main ways to accomplish that goal are either to become citizens or to become permanent residents. Many people first become permanent residents and then later decide to become citizens.

Those who adjust their status to become permanent residents receive a special card, sometimes called a green card. The following are the three primary ways in which people obtain green cards to become permanent lawful residents of the United States.

Through family

There are several different family immigration programs available. Certain people who have immediate family members living in the United States may qualify for green cards because of their relationships. There are options for the family members of both citizens and permanent residents. Even those who get engaged or married to United States citizens sometimes qualify for family-based green cards. Family-based immigration is an accessible option for those who want to legally live in the United States.

Through employment

Many people qualify for green cards because they develop careers in the United States while working on a visa. Their job history, professional skills and education make them valuable to the domestic economy. Workers who enter the country for domestic employment are sometimes able to apply for green cards and stay in the country permanently.

Through special circumstances

There are special immigrants who may qualify for green cards. These include international broadcasters, religious workers, children who have experienced neglect/abuse, and those who worked for the United States government as Afghanistan or Iraq nationals. Those who qualify as refugees or asylees may also be eligible for green cards. There are also special programs for victims of abuse and crime victims. Each immigration option comes with unique personal requirements and paperwork obligations.

Those hoping to secure a green card may need help evaluating their options. Having support can make it much easier for people to navigate the immigration process successfully.