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Business Litigation And Contract Disputes Attorney

Unfair business practices can have dire repercussions on your business and livelihood. Especially in terms of breaching contracts, business owners can suffer the loss of income and other serious consequences. In hiring a Watertown business litigation attorney, you can determine the factors surrounding your contract dispute so that your business and livelihood do not have to suffer.

The first aspect of a contract dispute in Watertown is to determine if there is a legitimate contract. There is often the misconception that a contract is any kind of agreement that lies on a piece of paper. Honestly, it does not matter if it is a written or an oral agreement – as long as it adheres to three elements. The three elements are the offer itself, the agreement of both parties to the offer, and the consideration of that agreement. If your particular agreement does not have these three elements, then you do not have a claim to dispute. In order to ensure that you have a legitimate contract in Watertown; provide your business litigation attorney with the contract, emails, letters, documents, and other materials that could further validate your claims

If you and your business litigation attorney do determine that you have a legitimate contract, then the next step is to send the opposing party a notice of breach. In short, a notice of breach lets the opposing party know how they have breached the contract. This notice will indicate to the courts the date of their breach and your clear explanation to them as to how they have breached the contract. Also, providing a “cure,” which is a suggestion to find a solution to the violation of the contract, may prove more cost-effective than taking them to court. No matter, if the contract dispute is resolved through the notice or not, a seasoned business litigation attorney will use their years of experience to ensure that you are compensated for.